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Ridge Technologies Pty Ltd.
A.C.N. 080 734 925  ABN 93 080 734 925
PO Box 231, Chirnside Park, Victoria, 3116, Australia.

Telephone: (03) 9735 1888 (+613)
Facsimile: (03) 9735 1888 (+613)
Email: info@ridge.com.au
Websites: http://www.ridge.com.au   http://www.pt-boat.com 

Ridge Technologies Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned, private corporation



To place an order with Ridge Technologies Pty Ltd, you may either fax, phone or email through your order to our sales staff or via our websites :- http://www.ridge.com.au or http://www.pt-boat.com

To ensure that we are able to respond to your requirements effectively, please ensure the following details are incorporated into any orders placed with Ridge :-

Dealer name and address
Contact name and phone number
Purchase order number and date
Product code, description and quantity
Quoted pricing
Special delivery instructions (if applicable)
Payment method proposed

Your Ridge account manager, or customer service representative, will contact you should there be any pricing, delivery charge or payment terms discrepancy. Product, Service or Consultancy delivery will ONLY be effected if your account is up to date and there are no outstanding or disputed payments.


Any quotation made by Ridge is not an offer to sell, and no order given in pursuance of any quotation shall bind the company unless specifically accepted by it.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are subject to acceptance by Ridge within (14) days of receipt by Ridge of the customers offer to purchase.


Orders will be subject to the relevant goods and / or services sales tax regime or tax rate that is current in the relevant sales territory at the time of invoice, all prices quoted are exclusive of any levies, duties, GST, VAT or Sales Taxes and such taxes, duties and levies will be itemized separately thereon.

Ridge reserves the right to check the Sales Tax, GST or VAT status of any customer with the relevant local taxation office at any time.


Any date quoted for delivery is an estimate only, and unless a guarantee has been given by Ridge in writing, providing for liquidated damages for failure to deliver by the quoted date, Ridge shall not be liable to the customer for any loss or damage arising for failure to deliver on or before the quoted date. The customer shall accept and pay for product supplied, notwithstanding any failure by Ridge to deliver by the quoted date.


The customer shall at its own expense arrange collection of products from Ridge at Ridge's nominated premises. Alternatively, Ridge at its sole and absolute discretion may arrange physical delivery of product to the customer's nominated business address, such delivery being at the customer's expense. The customer shall be deemed to assume ownership and the customer shall be liable for loss or damage to products from the time they depart the premises of Ridge. Any and all taxes, duties, levies and fee's on or over such delivery charges or fee's will also be at the customer's expense.


Orders we are able to fulfill can usually be made available for collection within 4 hours on normal business day's (assuming you have made payment and/or credit is available).
Customer order collections available from our warehouse facilities are in accordance with arrangements made at placement of order with Ridge sales staff.
Please ensure credit card facilities are made available at placement of C.O.D. order or alternatively, a company cheque is provided at the collection point.
We are also able to accept cash at our facilities.

Request for collection must be placed on your official purchase order. Should an independent carrier be requested, the details of the same must also be noted on your official purchase order. Please be aware we are unable to commit to collection of goods on the same day for orders placed after 2.00pm.
Ridge staff are authorised to organise pick-up or delivery of goods through Ridge's authorised carriers only. All other carriers must be initiated and maintained by the Customer.
Once delivery is organised by means other than Ridge authorised carriers, the onus is on the customer to maintain communication, and Ridge cannot be held responsible (not liable) for incorrect shipment of goods, loss or damage thereof.


Ridge is able to offer delivery on all orders. Set out below is a rough guideline of freight charges, should you require our standard delivery service :-

Melbourne Metropolitan approximately $10.00 (Couriers Please or Fastway)
Melbourne Metropolitan - C.O.D. approximately $20.00 (Couriers Please)
Sydney, Adelaide Metropolitan approximately $10.00 (Fastway)
All Other Australian Destinations approximately $25.00 - $45.00 (Fastway)
Australia Post at Australia Post Rates including insurance (http://www.austpost.com.au)
Australia Post - C.O.D. at Australia Post Rates including insurance and COD Charge
International at Fedex rates (http://www.fedex.com)

Should you require Ridge to organise express delivery, you must clearly state this on your purchase order and nominate the carrier and also that carrier's specific service type, class or code. Please ensure that you confirm the applicable freight fee with your account manager or customer service representative and incorporate the same into the total order amount, including Tax or GST.

Freight prices and charges are beyond the direct control of Ridge and are thus subject to change without notice.




Payment by Cheque:-

All cheques are to be made payable to Ridge Technologies Pty Ltd, company cheques will be accepted from cash account customers, dependant on trading history, for orders up to the total value of $5000 (including all fees, levies, duties and / or charges)

Payment by Credit Card:-

Ridge can accept payment by Bankcard, Visa Card or Mastercard and also via Paypal in US Dollars or UK Pounds. For authorisation purposes, be prepared to provide the name of the cardholder, the expiry date of the card, and any other ID should it be requested.

Authorisation will be reconfirmed at your request. If you require our finance department to confirm the authorisation number, please request at the time of issuing your credit card details.

Please ensure that credit card details are incorporated on your official purchase order if you wish to use credit card for payment.

Payment By Direct Deposit:-

Orders will be despatched upon confirmation of a successful transfer of the correct purchase order value (including freight and tax) into the following account:

Ridge Technologies Pty. Ltd.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
66-92 Main Street, Croydon, Vic. 3136.
BSB No. 063-124
Account No. 10485752

Should you wish to expedite this process, it is essential that you fax us the official bank receipt for that transaction, cross referenced to your purchase order. Further, telephoning your account manager or customer service representative to confirm receipt will assist in expediting delivery of your goods.


Cash account customers requesting delivery of goods totaling more than $5000 are advised that the following payment options are available:

Direct Deposit,
Telegraphic Transfer,
Paypal - www.paypal.com 
Bank Cheque, or
Company or personal cheque (for which goods will be released upon clearance of funds)


Ridge may offer a credit account facility to approved resellers subject to acceptable trading and payment history. Application forms can be requested via your account manager or customer service representative.


Ridge will endeavour to maintain a 'swap out' policy on all standard product. However, if this is not possible, Ridge reserves the right, at it's absolute discretion, to repair or offer replacement product of equal, or better performance or capabilities and/or condition, from the same manufacturer. Further, although a return authorisation does not constitute acceptance of goods for the purpose of a Credit Note, Ridge reserves the right to issue same in exceptional circumstances.

Warranty returns will not be processed, unless accompanied by a Return Authorisation (RA) number. To obtain a Return Authorisation number you can apply by calling our Head Office Technical Support hotline on (+613) (03) 9735 1888 or preferably by fax on (+613) (03) 9735 1888 or email to info@ridge.com.au 

On verification that all warranty return conditions are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the manufacturer/supplier warranty provisions, our RA Department will fax the appropriate return authorisation number, which MUST accompany the goods. A copy of the original invoice must also accompany the goods. Ridge accepts no responsibility for goods found to be incompatible with new releases of software which are / were not available at the time of purchase.

Goods must be received by our central RA warehouse in Victoria within ten (10) working days of issuance of return authorisation number or RA request may be cancelled.

To assist our Technical staff in processing warranty returns in a timely manner, a full fault description must be returned with each faulty product to enable our technical staff to undertake effective testing, further, all goods must be complete, i.e. include original packaging if possible, anti static bag, all manuals and drivers, etc. If these items do not accompany product returns or if attachments are found to be damaged we may be unable to validate your claim and goods will be returned to your usual business address at your expense.

Only genuine faulty goods will be accepted by Ridge. Any goods which are found not to be faulty will attract a minimum fee of $45.00 to cover our costs in testing and freight of the goods back to your usual business address.

Ridge will only replace faulty goods initially supplied by Ridge under relevant manufacturer warranty provisions, or Ridge will make arrangements with the authorised repair centre of the original manufacturer to have the product repaired or replaced.

Warranty replacements will only be issued on verification, by Ridge staff, that the product is faulty.

It is the customer's sole responsibility to pay freight charges, both ways, for the return of faulty goods to Ridge.

Credits will only be considered if requested prior to the expiry of fourteen (14) days from invoice date and will, at a minimum, attract a Restocking fee of 15% of the original invoice value, plus any freight charges shown thereon, providing that the goods have not been used, damaged or rendered unsaleable in any way. Ridge CANNOT accept credit returns on opened Software and such goods or software licenses will be returned to the customer.

On request of consideration of a credit return, our Returns Authorisation (RA) Department will forward the Credit Request form (sample document enclosed), which must be completed, signed and returned via our RA Department fax number. Return form is to be signed by product manager and/or sales manager.

On verification that all credit return conditions have been met and approved internally, our RA Department will fax the appropriate return authorisation number, which MUST accompany the goods. A copy of the original invoice must accompany the goods returned and the goods must be in original, undamaged, packaging and complete with all supplied accessories.

Goods must be received by our central RA warehouse in Victoria within 10 working days of issuance of return authorisation number or the credit request will be cancelled.

The customer shall at its own expense arrange return of products to Ridge. Goods that arrive without clear identification of the RA Number will either not be accepted from your carrier, or may be returned to you at your expense.


The above does not constitute the entire Policy & Procedures of Ridge. Ridge reserves the right to vary or add policies and/or procedures without notice.

All goods supplied by Ridge are at the buyer's risk immediately on delivery, however, the title to the goods shall remain with Ridge until all monies owing by the buyer have been paid in full. Ridge makes every effort to ensure that merchandise and product specifications are correct at the time of publication. Ridge reserves the right to vary or change items and specifications without notice. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of information, Ridge can not take responsibility for errors or omissions. All items are subject to availability.



email info@ridge.com.au

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