Wonder why Windows (tm) keeps giving you a blue screen..

Sick of the DrWatson errors that appear on your workstation?

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may be the solution for you.  

What is Linux?

Linux, like Windows is an operating environment, that forms one of the core components of your computer system. Linux can perform almost any application you give it - from being a specialised web server for Internet use, through to being a single-user desktop workstation, capable of running a vast array of games and application solutions. Linux, unlike Windows - is free, it can be obtained at no cost to the end user, and has no "nag" screens begging you to register or pay for it at any time. It is not crippled in any way, none of it's components will ever expire .. nor will you need to feel guilty about installing it on as many PC's as you need, while at the same time, giving it to all your colleagues.  

What will Linux run on?

As most people see in the Windows market, every time a new version is released, people with older hardware tend to be left behind. This is not the case with Linux... which can run on any sort of computer - everything from a 386-SX16 through to a Pentium III can be turned into a Linux machine of some sort.  

Can I browse the net with Linux?

YES! - Linux in all configurations (text and X) can be configured with Web Browsers, eMail clients, FTP Clients and other addons  

Can I use Word 97 (or any Windows Software) in Linux?

With the abilities of several third-party Linux based applications, such as WINE (Windows is Not an Emulator), BOCHS and DosEMU  you can run many of the applications you are used to on your new system.  

But.... I thought Unix was text based?

Linux can be configured in many ways - a graphical interface is one of these.  Most people automatically assume Windows is the *only* graphical interface available to the PC... Please see our Linux Screenshots page for examples of the different Window Managers that you use for your setup.  

Where do I get Linux?

Several places on the internet distribute Linux in a downloadable form -

please see our Linux Links page.



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